It is not uncommon for creatives to start a business with passion and a dream, but struggle with organizing their finances or making realistic financial strategies. If you find yourself up late at night stressing about money, struggling to make a profit, overwhelmed by your bookkeeping, missing bills, or getting paid late by your customers, it may be time to look into hiring a bookkeeper.

How Can I Help?

Want someone else to take care of the bookkeeping?

I offer monthly bookkeeping services for a flat rate starting at $250/ month which includes a 1 hour financial review & strategy session every month to keep your business on track to reach your goals.

Monthly Services can Include:

Recording & Categorizing Transactions

Bank & Credit Card Reconciliations


Bill Management


Inventory Management 

Is your bookkeeping behind or messy?

I can catch up or clean up your bookkeeping from previous months or years so that your books will be current, accurate, and compliant.

You won’t have to worry getting in trouble with the IRS and can utilize your past bookkeeping to set budgets, goals,  and predict future income.

Need help but don't want the financial commitment of monthly bookkeeping?

I can work with you on an hourly basis at $75.00/hr. We will schedule consultations as you need them and I can help you through particular problems or tasks or work on your financial strategies. This service is ideal for soloprenuers or micro businesses who prefer to do their own bookkeeping. 

Need to file your taxes?

Starting in 2021, I’ll be offering tax preparation services so that you’ll be able to



About Me

Owner of Pegasus Bookkeeping, Cady Milley

Hi! I'm Cady

I love everything geeky, traveling, trying new things, and building relationships with others. I am always looking for a little sparkle, and never want my life to simply become routine or waste time worrying about others’ expectations. (Admittedly I struggle with expectations, but, hey, we are all a work in progress).  Seems strange that even though I am most drawn to colorful, unique, and fun, I picked what is perceived as one of the most boring and routine careers in the world, right? 

While I have always loved the creative and entertainment industries, I don’t have any creative talent myself. Therefore my contribution to creative and entertaining endeavors is by supporting your business through bookkeeping and advising. If you have a business that adds a little fun to someone’s life or offers something unique, I will be dedicated to helping your business thrive. 

With me handling your bookkeeping, you’ll have more time to focus on the creative & fun parts of your business and worry less about your finances. I’ll help you to stay on top of your bookkeeping,  reach your goals, and make profitable decisions. 


 Certified in Quickbooks Online and Xero

Associate of Applied Science in Financial Accounting

Professional Bookkeeper certificate 

Small Business Accountant certificate

Certified through Bookkeeper Business Launch


If you’re looking for someone who will take care of your bookkeeping or give you advice on your business financials, you could go with either.

However, a CPA will typically be more expensive and if you are a small business, you may not need the specialized services of a CPA. During our discovery call, we will talk in detail about what your business needs are, and if I think you need more specialized services than I can provide, I will happily recommend you to a CPA in my network.

Yes! Starting in 2021! I just added an experienced tax preparer to my team and I’m finishing up my certification to prepare taxes myself in January!

I am based out of Maryland but as a virtual bookkeeper I can serve clients anywhere in the United States via Zoom and cloud based accounting software.