I still strongly recommend QuickBooks, especially if you plan to have an accountant or bookkeeper take over your business’s bookkeeping. I do understand that QuickBooks simply isn’t for everyone whether it’s the user interface, pricing, support, etc.

There are only two software applications I would recommend in place of Quickbooks:
1. Xero
This software is the closest comparison to QuickBooks. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s because it’s used more often outside of the US. I would try out both QuickBooks and Xero to see which interface works best for you. They also have different pricing structures to compare to see which price point works best for your business.

2. Freshbooks
I would only choose Freshbooks for the price as it’s features are limited and it can’t manage products. If you’re a small freelancer or service startup and need cheaper software this would be my top pick, especially because it’s more well-known and has more integration options than with other software.

There are other bookkeeping applications, but I really wouldn’t recommend them because of their lack of integration options, clunky interface, or lack of features. These options tend to be a very short-term for small business owners, especially if your accountant or bookkeeper doesn’t work with the software you chose.